Narayana Rodriguez

Narayana Rodriguez

Teaches: The Harmonisers and Lawmakers


Class starts: 2023

Time of Classes: Teacher will supply dates and times of classes.

Location: Live on Zoom.

Based in: Sydney, Australia

 Phone: 0404 866 979

 Email: [email protected]


Teaches: The Masters' Way

Other qualifications: Universal Rays Healing™ practitioner, Mentor, Spiritual Counselling, Energy Therapist.

About Narayana Rodriguez: Founding member and Director of the Mentors of Love and Wisdom nonprofit organisation.  My passion for education and spiritual pursuits reaches across many disciplines including topics such as the Laws of the Universe and the Creation Principles.

My ongoing efforts provide a path for individuals to grow their acceptance of self, to uplift their frequencies and expand their awareness of who they truly are and what they have come on this planet to be.

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