Level 1 of Path of the One Heart School - Harmoniser Path


Student Materials include:

  • 100 x channelled audios files of lessons, meditations, wisdom teachings, and activations
  • 2 x student manuals
  • A4 Lower Chakra code set (12 in set)
  • A4 Higher Chakra code set (7 in set)
  • A4 Energy Lower Energy Body Code set (7 in set)
  • A4 Energy Higher Energy Body Code set (5 in set)
  • 1 x Student study Journal
  • 25 x online lectures with Ishtar
  • 25 x live tutorials with an accredited teacher
  • Personal letter to you from Ishtar sent with your student materials
  • Includes a Universal Rays Healing™ Soul Chart Reading by an accredited practitioner to gift you a better understanding of your soul purpose and what consciousness you need to work with to mastery your soul purpose. This will only be offered to those students who have not already had a Soul Chart Reading done by an accredited Universal Rays Healing™ practitioner. It does not include healing sessions.



  • You may register at any time.

  • You MUST choose an accredited teacher to work with for this School BEFORE you register. 

    Please PRESS here to view teachers

    Please take note of the dates the teacher will start their live tutorial classes. You can register and begin to work with the online lectures from Ishtar a month or two before you join your teacher but you need to choose your teacher BEFORE your register. Live tutorials are held online so check what days and times your teacher will be offering their classes online so you can see if they work for your international time zone.

  • Once you have chosen your teacher then register. You teacher will be in contact with you in the next 5 days to give you the schedule for your live tutorials twice a month.

  • The dates and times for classes will be determined by the accredited teacher you choose to work with and is based on the location of students around the world and international time zones. We endeavour to hold classes in the evenings on weekdays or on weekends. Times may change due to daylight saving across international time zones.

  • There are 3 levels of training in this School – Foundation Level 1 (12 months); Mission Work Level 2 (12 months); and Profound Awakening (6months).

  • When you register you are given access to online pre-recorded lectures by Ishtar for two lesson a month. The videos are available so you can listen to them at any time.

  • You will be in either the Path of the One Heart and the Harmonisers group or the Path of the One Heart and the Caretakers of Sacred Light group. This is determined by the teacher you choose to work with for this School. 
  • Personal for every student

    Ishtar channels an Angelic Higher Self name (this is the name of a higher consciousness of yourself from the Angelic Realms of divine service) from the Christed Masters for each student, plus your focus for the year, the Ascended Master who will guide you, the Elohim and Archangelic being who will work with you and the pillars of service you need to integrate in your being during the year. Your teacher will explain what this means for you.

    This information is sent in a personal letter to you from Ishtar with your student materials.

  • There is homework (Changing Life Work) for all students to do complete if you wish to become accredited at the end of the Level 3. This requires commitment and time and includes creating codes or mandalas, practicing teachings and working with special tools in your daily life and sharing about these experiences in class.

  • Student Buddy: Every student is assigned a student Buddy to work with for each level of the School. You are expected to meet up at least once a month and do your homework together. This is not optional.

  • This School requires a commitment because each month there are several hours of study needed.
    Level 1 approximate time required each month - 8 hours. This includes 2 x 1-hour online lectures with Ishtar and 2 x 3-hour tutorials with an accredited teacher. Buddy meeting and homework - approx. 2-3 hours each month.

  • This School holds a physical retreat to anchor and ground the work. Due to COVID we have not been able to hold a retreat for the 2021-2022 School. We hope to hold a retreat in 2023. (Place yet to be decided, attendance is optional yet highly recommended. Cost is extra.) It is recommended you attend this retreat as individual training is given that is vital if you wish to teach this work to your own groups.

  • Students who are accredited to Level 3 of this School may practice as a practitioner of the Mission Work and apply to teach this School as an accredited teacher. If accepted to teach they undergo teacher training with Ishtar (extra cost).
  • Please allow time for your Student Materials to Arrive

    Your student manuals sit on a large highly-charged crystal altar for up to 5-7 days before they are sent to you. Also, Ishtar needs time to channel your personalised student message. Australian student materials are sent by Express Courier and will to 2-3 weeks to arrive after you have registered. For international students it will take approximately 3-4 weeks before your student materials will arrive and you will receive tracking information from DHL Couriers when sent.

We do not offer refunds. Once a student has registered then you are expected to pay for the full cost of the course whether you choose to continue to do the work or not. You are responsible for your choice to commit to the work or not during the course.

Please review complete Terms & Conditions and also Returns & Refunds

If you have a question or need assistance please email us [email protected]

$3,999.00 AUD

We assume all students register for our courses in good faith and integrity.

We do not offer refunds on our courses so please choose carefully. If you undertake a monthly payment plan you will need to complete these payments and no refund will be offered.

You cannot put your payments on hold with the payment plans as these are set as explained when you register.

If you choose not to complete the course you have registered for this is a choice you are making for yourself and we can take no responsibility for your choices.

Requirements for accreditation for our courses are clearly explained, but if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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