The 12 Pillars of the One Heart

In this Mystery School you activate and anchor 12 Pillars of the One Heart through your 12 Energy Bodies


Acceptance (Love) – a state of being where the heart and mind is open to embrace all that is in each moment without judgement and separation and opens and embraces the Divine spirit in each living being on the Earth.

Compassion – a state of being where all is honoured for the creation that it is in the now moment and where all is accepted with gratitude for the gift that it is.

Creation – a state of being where you sit in the Creation flow of Source and allow yourself to be carried on this river of light as the Master Co-Creator that you are in truth.

Divinity – to choose to honour and accept the Divine Nature in all things, no more so than your self in each moment.

Faith – a state of being where one accepts and sits in the heart of the Divine Plan.

Forgiveness – to choose to honour, accept and embrace all that is, no matter what it is.

Love – a state of being where all attachments have been given over to Creator Source.

Mystery – to choose to allow the power of Divine Will to guide you and to be present in your reality in each moment so that the miracle of Source is fully present and flowing in your life.

Observance – to choose to observe consciously in each now moment the Divine Light of Source that is held in all creations on the Earth.

Service – to consciously choose to honour the Divine Presence that you are in each moment and to make all your creation choices in alignment to your Divine Nature.

Surrender – to choose to let go all beliefs, attachments and expectations that hold you in separation to the Divine Truth that you are a Divine child of God in each and every moment.

Wisdom – a state of being where you are fully open to receive the lesson that is offered from the heart of creation in each and every experience.