The 6 Groups of Training

During the Path of the One Heart Mystery School we teach 6 different groups with very specific focuses.

In Level 1 all Jani Taras need do one of the Foundational groups (12 months): The Caretakers of Sacred Light or The Harmonisers PLUS the basic Path of the One Heart training.

In Level 2 students train in their Mission Work (12 months) as one of the following: The Magdalenes, The Scribes or The Lawmakers and complete 6 more months with either The Caretakers or Harmonisers.

In Level 3 you move to your Profound Awakening to complete your Mission work (6 months).

Depending on the Level you are working in, you train monthly through online pre-recorded lectures with Ishtar and live mentoring with an accredited teacher, either in person or online. You are advised at each level when you register what groups you are to be trained in.

THE PATH OF THE ONE HEART - This training creates a foundation that supports you to be the Jani Tara you were always meant to be. On this journey you align the 12 pillars of consciousness that support you to meet the One Heart of God Source within you. You also align the 12 original blueprints of consciousness given to you by God Source that are held in your 12 energy bodies. When you do this, you release all distortion and illusion in your energy field. In this way you create a strong foundation for your Soul Mission. In this training you learn about the 12 energy bodies that make up your Auric Field. This training is essential for all students to align to their Jani Tara natures without illusion or distortion. All students train in this group in Level 1.


Level 1 - The Foundation Work

Jani Taras follow one of two paths that act as the foundation for the mission work of your soul. It is this training that gives you a solid foundation to build your Soul Mission work.

THE CARETAKERS OF THE SACRED LIGHT - The Caretakers of Sacred Light path shows you how to build a powerful portal of love and light to hold all beings in sacred space, including yourself. You are like the ancient tree that spreads its branches and roots to create sacred space where others may sit when they cannot hold the light and love for themselves. The Caretakers of Sacred Light work with groups in co-creative community consciousness to build sacred space. Caretakers of Sacred Light work with all portals on Earth – human beings, plants, tree, animals and places – supporting them to release energy of disconnection and opening to receive the sacred light and love of God Source. These Jani Taras are the Divine Mothers and Fathers that hold the sacred space for all souls. They offer this loving service through their sacred silence as the witness, and also through guided action in community. Through loving service they support all communities and groups such as family, schools, local communities, focused groups, even businesses and corporations - anywhere people come together with a group focus. Oversouled by Babaji and Venus Kumara and the ancient Mothers and Guardians of the land.

THE HARMONISERS - The Harmoniser path is the way of the healer that brings harmony and balance to consciousness that has forgotten its truth. When consciousness holds illusion or distortion it creates separation energy, which causes conflict, chaos, drama, suffering and pain. The Harmoniser is shown the way to bring this energy back to its divine truth through channelling divine light or divine sound. The Harmonisers are the healers of the heart, mind, spirit and body. The Harmonisers work to balance the energies through the development of their harmonic healing codes. These Jani Taras are the healers and balancers of conscious energy - human, earth, animals. They work with sound codes and energetic healing. Oversouled by Lady Sarah, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Lord Sananda


Level 2 - The Mission Work

THE MAGDALENES - the divine channels of wisdom. These Jani Taras are the wisdom teachers and way showers of divine truth. These souls channel divine truth and wisdom from their higher self or Divine Presence and share this with the world. Oversouled by Mary Magdalene, Lady Ishtar and Lord Maitreya

THE SCRIBES - The Akashic Record Keepers who help you to release old stories and resolve the karma attached to these stories. The Scribes keep the records through the written word, sound and voice. The Scribes record the energy of consciousness created during the soul’s experiences over many lifetimes and also the Akashic Records field in the Earth’s sacred portals. Oversouled by Dwjal Khul, Kuthumi and Lady Nada.

THE LAW MAKERS - The Mentors of spiritual seekers on the path. They work with the 5 stories of humanity and support clients to understand and align to the creation principles of this Universe so all can live in harmony and in balance. Lawmakers mentor others to understand our interconnection with the Universe and how it flows in our lives and affects us on Earth. Lawmakers teach us how to put the creation principles into practice in out lives through creating short or long mentoring programs for individuals and groups, that offer spiritual coaching for the highest potential in life. Oversouled by Lord Maitreya and Kuthumi.