Bernadette King

Bernadette King

Teaches: The Harmonisers and the Magdalenes


 Class starts: New Level 1 starting in March 2024 on either Friday evenings or Saturday mornings Swiss time (TBC).

Class held: Level 1 Harmonisers on either 2 Friday evenings or 2 Saturday mornings a month, Swiss time.

Level 2 Harmonisers starting Sunday February 11th, 2024, 9am to 12pm once a month. 

Location: By zoom or in person at Joyah Centre Geneva.

Based in: Geneva Switzerland

Phone: +41 78 778 45 47


Teaches: Universal Rays Healing 1-3, The Masters’ Way, Open to Channel and Path of the One Heart as a Harmoniser and Magdalene.

Bernadette Teaches UR Healing 1-3, The Masters’ Way & Open to Channel in English and in French.

Other Qualifications: Runs a Therapy Centre in Geneva, offers Universal Rays Healings, Harmonic Healings, Magdalene sessions, Inner Child work in person or by zoom, family constellations, metamorphic message, healing circles and channelled art workshops in person.

Bernadette is also a Mentor of Love and Wisdom from the beginning in 2015.

About Bernadette

Bernadette started her personal journey over 30 years ago and very quickly started to offer sessions and teach various modalities. Since 2012 Bernadette fully dived into the work Ishar has channelled from the Ascended Masters and is an ongoing student & teacher and dedicates herself to this.

Bernadette offers a warm, safe, openhearted space for students to feel comfortable and supported. Bernadette shares a deep understanding of this work and having experienced the path, understands the students ups and downs, doubts, and breakthroughs with compassion & enthusiasm. She guides the students each step of the way, supporting them to get to know themselves, accept and embrace who they are, to open themselves to new choices and thus transforming their lives; not only the everyday life and relationships, but more importantly, the inner life; the Being.

Bernadette supports all to step into their potential, to use the many tools, keys, wisdom this school offers so that they may release their limitations, the beliefs that do not serve them anymore and to fully step into their gifts, into the Angelic being of service they are.

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