Bernadette King

Bernadette King

Teaches: The Harmonisers and the Magdalenes

 Class starts: Level 2 March 2024.

Classes held: Path of the One Heart on a Wednesday once a month from 6-9pm and Harmonisers on a Sunday once a month from 9-12noon Swiss time.

Location: Zoom classes and in person at her Joyah Healing Centre.

Based in: Geneva at Joyah - centre de thérapies naturelles. 26 chemin de la Caroline, 1213 Petit-Lancy.

Phone: +41 (0)78 778 45 47

E-mail: [email protected]


Teaches: Universal Rays Healing™, Open to Channel and The Masters’ Way in French and English. 

About Bernadettte:

Bernadette runs her own healing centre and has been offering and teaching various modalities for more than a decade including Quantum Touch©, The Transformation Game©, Reiki, Metamorphic Massage.

She says she has “dived into nearly all the work the Ascended Masters have offered us through Ishtar’s channel”.

The intention that fully embraces all of my work is that it is empowering by giving tools and keys, guides each student to find their own inner path, to set themselves free from all old patterns, energies, beliefs that belong to them, to the collective consciousness of their family and of humanity. This is profound transformational work and it is a great honour to be a guide and witness. 

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