Guru Deva Kaur

Guru Deva Kaur

Teaches: The Caretakers of Sacred Light


Classes start: Level 1 commencing in October 2023.

Location:   Zoom online.

Based in: Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Language: English

Phone: +31 6 41531846

Email: [email protected]

Website :

About Guru Deva:
I am a spiritual mentor, teacher and healer.

Transformative work is at the core of all I do - seeking to create a context where more empowering ways of being can be explored, the ones that encourage compassion, generosity, creativity, and connection. Because essentially, me and you, and all of us, are alchemists.

And from the depth of that knowing and 20+ years of experience, I offer guidance as fuel for soul growth.

Let me show you that there is a way. Always.

I am in deep gratitude to Master Channel In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the council of 33 Masters that have brought forth this work.

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