Har Nal Kaur

Har Nal Kaur

Teaches: The Harmonisers and the Magdalenes


Classes start: New Level 1 starting in March 2024 (dates TBC). Level 2 Harmonisers starting April 15 UK time. Level 1 Magdalenes starting April 1st (1st Monday of the month.)

Classes held: Level 2 Harmonisers at 6.30pm UK time (3rd Monday of the month). Level 1 Magdalenes at 6.30pm UK time (1st Monday of the month.)

Location:  Zoom online

Based in: Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Email: ¬†[email protected]

Website :   www.harnalkaur.co.uk

WhatsApp :     07740 435379  

Offers: She has a regular healing practice offering Universal Rays Healing‚ĄĘ, Amanae and Reflexology.¬†

Teaches: The Masters Way and Kundalini YOGA . 

About Har Nal: Har Nal has been teaching 'The Masters Way' for three years. She is a Magdalene channel and a healer of Universal Ray Healing, Inner Child, Harmonic Sound Healing, and Amanae (emotional release bodywork). Har Nal has a gift to see behind what people are saying, to guide them to self realization and finding solutions within themselves to bring harmony.

She has also been teaching KundaliniYOGA for 20+ years all over Europe and runs Teacher Training Courses to go deeper. She is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the individual and has an ability to hold a space so you can connect to a feeling of ONENESS.

Please contact Har Nal to find out more about this amazing transformational work.

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