Nancy Cohen

Nancy Cohen

Teaches: The Caretakers of Sacred Light and the Scribes


Class starts: Level 1 on May 19th 2024

Location: Live on Zoom/GoToMeeting.

Based in: New Jersey /Pennsylvania

Phone: 904-687-0720

Email: [email protected]


Teaches: Universal Rays Healing, Path of The One Heart, The Masters’ Way, Usui Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Other Qualifications: Nutritionist/ Registered Dietitian, Healing Practitioner Teacher- Usui Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher, Universal Rays Teacher through level 3 and Universal Rays Practitioner , Mentor of Love and Wisdom, Ordained Spiritual Minister

About Nancy: As a  Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and  Energy Healing Practitioner/Teacher in my private practice I offer sessions and classes to people around the world incorporating The  Science of Energy Healing, Nutrition and Wellness. I am an animal lover and have a beautiful weimaraner and two cats. I am a mom and have a strong sense of family value and lead people to bring their lights to wherever they work and live.

My abilities to teach are in providing the practical and adaptable  tools and emotional support available  to implement create change through the many areas of life in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas.

Students for these courses are 18-90 years of age.

I am committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking, improve their personal health, achieve their personal goals, and add quality years to people’s lives. 

I am originally from the New York area but have lived in Colorado, and northern Florida- Saint Augustine and work with beautiful souls all around the world. English is the language I teach our courses in.

Nancy Cohen, RDN, LDN Licensed, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, IET Master Teacher, UR Healer Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Intuitive - Medium Adults, Children, Animals

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